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Althea the power behind Althea's...

By: Warmheart | February 1, 2012

Althea has been working patiently with me for almost a year now. She has helped me to see that exercise can actually be part of my life and for me that is an amazing thing. I am a plus size woman with several health issues and it has truly been a challenge but Althea creates wonderful challenging work outs and always has a big smile and positive words of encouragement... She has helped me to find the competitive person in myself and inspires me to try harder and to keep going, especially when I am flagging, because this getting fit journey is truly a challenge.. and I wouldn't want any one else in my corner. She is wonderful !
She helps me to see the things I might be able to do... things I never would have thought possible and given me new things to dream of achieving !

Zak is the best!

By: non-member | October 26, 2011

Before Zak came along, I was a lazy fat slob. I had no motivation to do anything. We started off slowly, and before I knew it, I was looking forward to working out! Soon, we had altered my diet and started a workout routine that was pushing me forwards.

Getting motivation is hard by yourself, and Zak does a great job of assisting you.

Thanks Zak, you definitely have my recommendation!

Best Personal Trainers in Toronto

By: Bizmaker10 | January 10, 2010

Hi to everyone that reads this review. I came to Toronto on Business from Italy and I was in the desperat need of a Personal Trainer in the downtown area of Toronto. Not have a only reached my fitness goal, my Fit quad Trainer has also brought me back from a very high stress level to being vey blanced and enjoying evry minuteof my life. Thank you Rouven and Chelsea for the great Team you have.

Vlavio B.

Fit Squad

20 Bloor Street East Toronto, ON

category: Personal Trainers - Service providers

Better than I expected!

By: fitnessgirl | January 23, 2009

I called Homefit not knowing what to expect and wasn't sure if personal training was for me. Andi talked to me in depth asking questions about what I personally wanted, my goals, injuries and such. Once she had an idea of what I was looking for she set me up with a trainer who came to my house for free. We went further in depth on exaclty what my goals were, time restraints, lifestyle. I felt really comfortable with the plan that was laid out for me based on my personal goals. Not once did I feel any sales pressure. My trainer really understood how to motivate me. Homefit's trainers are all highly educated and love what they do! Now I am able to keep up with my kids and I look and feel great! Everyone notices the results! I don't think I have ever felt this good.

Christine's Fitness is not all...

By: mfb47 | January 12, 2009

Ignore Toronto Life on this one. Christine's fitness is expensive, and not worth the fees, plus they charge extra for every little thing. The training sessions are sooooo boring, and they overcharge, even if you sign one of their contracts, which, if you get stuck in a room with Christine, I guarantee you will. She's fantastic at sales. So walk on by and join another place.

Reviewing the 35 Cold Water Location

By: Dana77 | January 2, 2009

*Wasn't told to come early to fill out paperwork
* Offered 80 mins for $99
* Paperwork took 10 mins
* Didn't have time to do full 80 mins
* Still wanted $99
* Conceded to the 60 min for $90 ($94 total)

During Massage:

* Great pressure and communication
* Good advice later
* Completely unable to relax due to:
- Talking outside the room
- Constant inconsiderate levels of bass-heavy music coming from the other room.
* RMT did not work on area of foot with corns (others do).
* Very over priced.

Would not recommend the 35 Cold Water Location. Not sure about the Davenport Location.


By: lutz | April 2, 2008

So one day you wake up and you are 30. You do the crazy jump out of the plane stunt, all hyped up celebrated the “over the hill” leap with enthusiasm and big smiles … WHAT OVER THE HILL?” ….

Ya … then another day you wake up and you are:
- 31 ½,
- 140 pounds,
- constantly tired with lack of energy,
- this hurts & that cracks,
- your ass has grown out of nowhere (not the boobs, just the ass and maybe the thighs too),
- love handles that a cliff hanger would safely hang on are poofing (read rising) over your belt in the pants you no longer fit into (or no longer can even button up) – think pillsbury.

WTF!!! How did this happen? .. and .. WHEN!

I guess somewhere in between the bagels in the morning and the bottle of wine with cheese & crackers for dinner. Ok .. and popcorn afterwards – I confess, I am a popcorn junkee, and it always starts with the...

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