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David Shankle

By: Shankledav | May 25, 2016

I started training with Bryan Barth in 1998. I trained with him till 2012. He brought my body fat down from 26% to about 5-7% the first year and half. He wrote all my diets and trained me. I stayed really lean and muscled till I was hit by a truck in 2012. Training is on hold due to back injuries.. His nutritional knowledge is superb. He can fine tune your body to look and operate like a sports car.

Ben Really Cares

By: noelmullins | February 23, 2016

Ben cares about his clients getting fit but ensures that you are well rehabilitated from injury also. I injured myself playing rugby years ago but with himself and the physio he works with, they have finally managed to rid my issue after many years. I recommend him.

Great motivating trainer

By: non-member | January 22, 2016

I heard of Zyad through mutual friends. I was told he was a good trainer and I needed someone to help me with a new weight training program and more importantly, fat loss program.

For the past year, Zyad has been instrumental in my journey to rebuild my health. His insights and advice have helped me gain more strength and rethink the importance of proper nutrition when training. Zyad pushed me to understand that I have what it takes to push through the mental barrier that prevented from lifting heavier and continue on this journey.

If you are looking a trainer who will push you while helping you gain confidence, I urge you to contact Zyad!

personal trainer

754 Bathurst Street Toronto, ON

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Horrible. Don't believe their...

By: non-member | January 10, 2016

Very rude and unprofessional management. I was charged for 3 months despite my account being on hold. When I asked them what happened, they said "new management, that is not in our contracts". Besides this, there were months where they charged an extra 40-50 dollar fee on top of the usual monthly fee for "renovations". Even when I wanted to cancel my account, they said I had to come in person during their unbelievably inconvenient times to put up as many road blocks.

Save your money and the hassle and either get some equipment at home or choose another gym.

Anytime Fitness

5602 Tenth Line West Mississauga, ON

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Read Fine Print

By: kittycat17 | November 20, 2015

I signed up for free month with this center, under the impression that if I liked it then I would continue with a membership afterwards. It was not explained to me that the information I was completing was the actual membership contract and I got locked into an annual contract! They just put a keypad in front of me & told me to complete the information given. I found out this was the actual contract after I decided to not continue with the free trial after only 4 days later & was told that I had to have called within 3 days for me to cancel. What? The manager advised that it was in the agreement I signed & I was liable for the remaining monthly dues! I stated that I was not advised of this & that it was for a free-trial. Very misleading. Bottom-line, read the fine print & ask questions before signing anything. Did not leave a good impression for me how this process was handled. Will not recommend this location to anyone!!

Retro Fitness

9802 Baymeadows Road Suite 5 Jacksonville, FL

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UFC Hendersonville is awesome!!!!!

By: DrRyanDc | November 17, 2015

I have been incredibly pleased with the facilities, classes, and trainers at UFC Hendersonville. Everyone is extremely friendly and that makes training more fun. The classes are challenging and provide a great work out. Looking forward to continued success with UFC

Love the Changes at WEM Spa Lady!!!!

By: non-member | October 31, 2015

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised walking into the the West Ed location Spa Lady earlier this week! They currently are under construction and I don't know who they hired to do the job but it's amazing! Cleanest construction site (if you could call it that) I've ever seen! They are putting modern lockers up, I heard that they are about to get frosted glass showers in the next little while, with hair dryers in their extended washroom area, which I have to say I work in the mall so I can workout & get ready to go back to work right after.

I also got a little peak of the infrared sauna they are building! So excited for that!!!!! That's not even the half of it...they are building a second level! This formerly small gym is getting a second floor & nosey me had to take a little peak through a little glass window downstairs! It's so nice in there! I'm really looking forward to having a "brand new" gym to get my sweat on :) and I will get my...


Spa Lady

2052 West Edmonton Mall (Entrance 31, Upper Level: Beside Zellers) Edmonton, AB

category: Personal Trainers - Service providers

It is the best

By: bjd124 | October 16, 2015

I have been going to I Love Kickboxing in Medford for about 3 months and I have enjoyed every one of the classes. Bob and Bob make working out fun. The hour long class is done before you know it. I never feel intimated if I can’t keep up or need extra help with the boxing/kicking combinations. No matter what your fitness level is I Love Kickboxing can help you.

I saw Lady Gaga working out at Ron...

By: non-member | October 15, 2015

OMG! I saw Lady Gaga working out at Ron Zalko! Totally serious, it was Gaga! I love this gym!

Sooo excited!!! Finally I am ready to meet the New Year with a new me!!! Ron's support really goes beyond what you would expect of a trainer. He is supportive and passionate about fitness, he is very knowledgeable and he is truly an inspiration to me!
I could have gone to any other gym or try so many other trainers that are out there but why would I?.... I want to go to the gym that i could call my "home" and really that's how I feel at Ron Zalko. I just love the feeling of being surrounded by people that care and genuinely want to see you succeed!!
I would give Ron, his team and his gym 5 gold stars over and over again!!

Great Program for Kids

By: non-member | April 3, 2015

My 4-year old attends GMA Martial Arts in Great Neck now for a few months and he is learning so much more than just martial arts! The instructors are just outstanding teaching him on discipline, confidence, control, self-respect, and treatment of others.
The instructors really have gone out of their way to understand the weaknesses and focus their attentions on personalizing the training based on these weaknesses to make my son a better, stronger, and more respectable human being. It is truly amazing the progress we have seen thus far!


By: non-member | July 23, 2014

i am a previous customer and i left because of the horrible prices and woman who owns the business. i went in for a quick tan in the stand up as usual and the blonde lady was there, i am unsure of her first name but apparently she is the owner. the staff is excellent which was surprising after i met their boss. she told me lotion was "useless". it was a $70 bottle i had bought 6 months earlier, AT HER SALON!! and she told me it wasn't good and forced me into buying a $150 bottle!! i felt so pressured and she made me feel cheap if i didn't make the purchase. i left extremely upset and after trying to return the bottle (that i never even opened) to the store and being rejected by the owner, i used my remaining minutes and switched to another salon. sun beach tanning on main and vodden street in brampton is amazing! great beds and even better prices. i would recommend you stay away from sol exotica and try something, ANYTHING else.

Deep Disappointment

By: act | May 3, 2013

I was deeply disappointed with my experience here. Although the sessions started off well and I was pleased with the workouts, I wasn't impressed with the management of the studio. Shara has a "no victim mentality" philosophy which teeters on the edge of bullying. Despite their claims, I found that the studio focuses more on the exercises instead of the client "holistically" - including background, past physical and emotional issues, and current lifestyle.

I'm someone who tries extremely hard and doesn't give up easily and unfortunately this wasn't recognized. Which is why, when I alluded to an eating disorder and physical ailments (caused from overtraining) in my contact with Shara, I was disappointed to be met with surface responses based on incorrect assumptions. In most emails, Shara CAPITALIZES her words - as if she is yelling, which I find condescending. She even accused me of not sticking to workouts, which sent me into...


Althea the power behind Althea's...

By: Warmheart | February 1, 2012

Althea has been working patiently with me for almost a year now. She has helped me to see that exercise can actually be part of my life and for me that is an amazing thing. I am a plus size woman with several health issues and it has truly been a challenge but Althea creates wonderful challenging work outs and always has a big smile and positive words of encouragement... She has helped me to find the competitive person in myself and inspires me to try harder and to keep going, especially when I am flagging, because this getting fit journey is truly a challenge.. and I wouldn't want any one else in my corner. She is wonderful !
She helps me to see the things I might be able to do... things I never would have thought possible and given me new things to dream of achieving !