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Great Program for Kids

By: non-member | April 3, 2015

My 4-year old attends GMA Martial Arts in Great Neck now for a few months and he is learning so much more than just martial arts! The instructors are just outstanding teaching him on discipline, confidence, control, self-respect, and treatment of others.
The instructors really have gone out of their way to understand the weaknesses and focus their attentions on personalizing the training based on these weaknesses to make my son a better, stronger, and more respectable human being. It is truly amazing the progress we have seen thus far!

Nice gym! Friendly staff and 24/7

By: Sammy | February 4, 2015

Recently joined the anytime Fitness at tenth line and Thomas as I live 5 min from it.
The equipment is ok but they have 5 squat racks and free weights to 120lbs which is something for heavier lifters.

I like the 24-7 access and when I come in the staff girl at the front always says hi with a smile...makes a difference I think. Clubs clean and the classes aren't shabby. Would like lockers to
Be updated a bit but not a big deal.

I pay $35 a month and I'm ok with that given its almost $1 a day.

Anytime Fitness

5602 Tenth Line West Mississauga, ON

category: Personal Trainers - Service providers

Trainer Be Ware $$$

By: trainerbeware | October 29, 2014

Been a member for a number years, I decided to opt in a consult after having not done one in a long time. What has changed, first time, they just helped me with a individual program to follow..NO COST. With my 2 allotted consult times this time around, I basically just felt I was being harassed on both slots with marketing from my trainer that was assigned to me and manager... to hire the trainer that was to consult with me. Even with my request for a just to give me a individual program to follow...they still did what they can to steer me to say Yes I need help even with my NO's in polite ways. I thought..its obvious these chicks don't care and don't mind if they put me in debt in of $2,200 individual program to start and when I gestured no to went down to $1,200 group program. Guilt and you can't do it need help tactics. Not cool...SHAME ON YOU, SPA LADY!!! DO NOT BE A VICTiM!!! ...oh yeah...they're throw in a payment plan if you say NO STILL!!! If you are really concerned about my well being...provide it for FREE FOR BEING A PAYING MEMBER. There I said my peace.

Spa Lady

2052 West Edmonton Mall (Entrance 31, Upper Level: Beside Zellers) Edmonton, AB

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By: non-member | July 23, 2014

i am a previous customer and i left because of the horrible prices and woman who owns the business. i went in for a quick tan in the stand up as usual and the blonde lady was there, i am unsure of her first name but apparently she is the owner. the staff is excellent which was surprising after i met their boss. she told me lotion was "useless". it was a $70 bottle i had bought 6 months earlier, AT HER SALON!! and she told me it wasn't good and forced me into buying a $150 bottle!! i felt so pressured and she made me feel cheap if i didn't make the purchase. i left extremely upset and after trying to return the bottle (that i never even opened) to the store and being rejected by the owner, i used my remaining minutes and switched to another salon. sun beach tanning on main and vodden street in brampton is amazing! great beds and even better prices. i would recommend you stay away from sol exotica and try something, ANYTHING else.

great spinning classes

By: non-member | July 16, 2013

RON ZALKO SPINNING CLASSES ARE FABULOUS!!! Likely the best in Metro Vancouver, and the cycle instructors are world class! The Monday class is the best; the instructor is very professional and helps motivate you if you are falling behind a little with the pace. My girlfriend has been a member at Ron Zalko's for a couple of years and loves it there. The location is perfect for me; the gym is so current and all of the staff are very friendly and accomodating. I have read the reviews on here and some of them I can't believe that they are not giving this fitness facility a thumbs up and a 10 all the way. Ron is such a sweety!Keep up the great work!! Lailey D

Deep Disappointment

By: act | May 3, 2013

I was deeply disappointed with my experience here. Although the sessions started off well and I was pleased with the workouts, I wasn't impressed with the management of the studio. Shara has a "no victim mentality" philosophy which teeters on the edge of bullying. Despite their claims, I found that the studio focuses more on the exercises instead of the client "holistically" - including background, past physical and emotional issues, and current lifestyle.

I'm someone who tries extremely hard and doesn't give up easily and unfortunately this wasn't recognized. Which is why, when I alluded to an eating disorder and physical ailments (caused from overtraining) in my contact with Shara, I was disappointed to be met with surface responses based on incorrect assumptions. In most emails, Shara CAPITALIZES her words - as if she is yelling, which I find condescending. She even accused me of not sticking to workouts, which sent me into...


Althea the power behind Althea's...

By: Warmheart | February 1, 2012

Althea has been working patiently with me for almost a year now. She has helped me to see that exercise can actually be part of my life and for me that is an amazing thing. I am a plus size woman with several health issues and it has truly been a challenge but Althea creates wonderful challenging work outs and always has a big smile and positive words of encouragement... She has helped me to find the competitive person in myself and inspires me to try harder and to keep going, especially when I am flagging, because this getting fit journey is truly a challenge.. and I wouldn't want any one else in my corner. She is wonderful !
She helps me to see the things I might be able to do... things I never would have thought possible and given me new things to dream of achieving !

Zak is the best!

By: non-member | October 26, 2011

Before Zak came along, I was a lazy fat slob. I had no motivation to do anything. We started off slowly, and before I knew it, I was looking forward to working out! Soon, we had altered my diet and started a workout routine that was pushing me forwards.

Getting motivation is hard by yourself, and Zak does a great job of assisting you.

Thanks Zak, you definitely have my recommendation!

Making Real Changes

By: non-member | August 26, 2011

Training with Ivan has been a joy from day 1. It was a big leap to pick up the phone and make the call but it's one of the best choices I made. I've lost lots of weight, got into road biking, my new favorite sport, and my knee issues have all but disappeared. Ivan's mix of knowledge and dedication will not let you down.

Ivanco Fitness

20210, 27 ave Langley, BC

category: Personal Trainers - Service providers

Review of Transfigure Physique...

By: ash71 | December 3, 2010

Craig is a fantastic personal trainer! I came to him wanting to achieve most women's fitness goals - weight loss, toning and shaping. He put a lot of thought into the creation of my program, adapting it to my particular needs. He's also provided me with lots of support for my diet and nutrition plan. With Craig's support and motivation (he makes you work hard in the gym!), I've lost over 20 pounds and am the fittest I've been in years. I highly recommend Craig as a personal trainer in Vancouver. Thanks Craig!

Actualy talked to someone

By: non-member | July 22, 2010

After calling 6 different clubs in the area and either having no option to leave a message or getting a voicemail recording I was frustrated.
The next day I got a call back form Anytime Fitness and it was the owner that called me back! He answered all my questions but didn't pressure me. This was about 2 months ago now and I continue to be impressed with the club its hours and the staff.

Anytime Fitness

101-18655 Fraser Hwy Surrey, BC

category: Personal Trainers - Service providers

BeFit Personal Training is #1 in the...

By: nikkel | June 17, 2010

Sheryl has been working with me to help me achieve my personal goals of both improved fitness and weight loss. She meets with me in the privacy of my home, emails during the week to keep me motivated and offers tangible exercises and advice to help me get where I want to go.

She has trained everyone from top level athletes to Grandmothers and everyone in between. As a mom with four kids, having Sheryl fit into MY schedule makes this work for me.